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Places to Eat

Gem Theater

Along with catching the latest movie, you can stop in to the Gem Theater for some Mexican inspired fare. Try the many flavors of tamales, street-style tacos, or some loaded nachos. Gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options available. Finish off your meal with some homemade ice cream made right at the Gem.

Cowboy's Smoke House

The Cowboy's Smokehouse specializes in smoked meats, steaks, and Texas style BBQ. Open from 11am to 9pm week days and till 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Be sure to get some sweet butter for the delicious rolls and some peach cobbler to complement your savory steak or smoked meat. Located just across the street from the Two Sunsets Hotel.

The Original Kenny Ray's

The Original Kenny Ray's restaurant offers full service breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu ranges from vegetarian to hearty steak. Soup and salad bar is also available, along with a delectable collection of homemade pies. Kenny rays sits on the corner beside our hotel.

Big Fish Family Restaurant

The Big Fish Family Restaurant plays off the meaning of our towns name, Panguitch, meaning big fish in the Paiute Native American language. They offer specialty burgers, their signature wigs, and of course their fish and chips. They also provide veggie burgers and other vegetarian friendly foods.

Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee

Head over to Wanderlust for your morning coffee. You can't go wrong with a freshly baked kolache and a great selection of beverages to wash it down. From hot espresso to a cozy cup of hot cocoa to refreshing smoothies, your sure to find something to start your morning right.

C Stop Pizza

If you are having a craving for pizza stop by C Stop Pizza . Along with the classic pizza flavors they serve like cheese, pepperoni and Hawaiian, they have their "Favorite's" specialty pizzas to try like the Mediterranean and the Porky-Y-PINE.

Desert Grill

The Desert Grill is open 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM weekdays and 8AM to 9PM on Fri, Sat, and Sun. They have a large selection for breakfast and serve breakfast till 11:30AM. Have a taste of some of their sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and American BBQ.
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